FOR TRADERS VERSED IN THE MECHANICS AND VERNACULAR OF TRADING, INDIVIDUAL TRADING TUTELAGE IS AVAILABLE:  3 DAYS, FOUR HOURS PER DAY, IN MIAMI, FLORIDA, FOR $100,000....  These sessions must be arranged for, obviously, with advance notice since DrG travels and is often not in Miami.

DrG is a Medical Doctor (MD) and a member of MENSA (the international High IQ Society).  He was a guest speaker for the "Futures Dream Team" seminar, a real-time commodity trading seminar, hosted by Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein, Nick Van Nice and Russel Sands.  He is the inventor of the world-renowned "Key to Currencies" software.  He has also been the editor and analyst for daily commodities advisory letters for more than four years. DrG has traded stock options for more than 35 years.

There are no guarantees or representations of any kind, but the following:  DrG was the sole signal-giver for a previously published service for more than four years.  That service resulted in substantial profits.  These profits and claims were challenged by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).  DrG appeared for lengthy testimony and all the claims were found to be true.

For those of you who wish a detailed track record or more information than is on this site, it is NOT available. DrG does not wish to spend his time possibly having to answer yet again about his true statements to bureaucrats.

If you wish to open a managed account, then do so at your own choice of stock and/or commodity broker(s). The fees for DrG to manage such an account paid each month via a letter on file with your broker(s) and with DrG are: 15% of profit on the first $10,000, of profit; then 20% of profit on the amount above $10,000. For example, if your profit in your account is $50,000 in a given month, then you will pay DrG 15% of the first $10,000=$1,500; plus 20% of $40,000=$8,000. To summarize then: If you make $50,000, profit in a month, then you pay DrG a total of $9,500, for that month.

This service is provided for those who can afford to take the risk and not be required to change their life-style if they incur losses.  DrG trades for you entirely AT YOUR OWN RISK. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OF PROFITABILITY.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses.  DrG is not a CTA or advisor in any capacity and never was.  DrG has no affiliation with the CFTC or the SEC. DrG does not claim special knowledge or expertise in anything and he does not guarantee profits.  Trade with funds you can afford to lose!

DrG fully realizes that only a few will be able to afford such an account. If DrG's methods were to become widely used, it could skew his own trading and, possibly, the markets, especially in commodities and options.

DrG is not now and never was part of the National Futures Association or reliant in any way on them or the CFTC or the SEC and its subgroups.  He has never been a licensed security broker or dealer or advisor.

For the cadre of people who would like DrG to manage an account of $250,000 and higher, please e-mail.  Managed accounts would be opened at YOUR OWN BROKER and DrG will NOT accept any power to move funds out of the account.  DrG's compensation is clearly depicted above.  Those accounts must be balanced on the final day of each month. To repeat, the payment directives must be notarized and on file with your broker(s) and with DrG. There can be no dissemination of DrG's trading recommendations to anyone except immediate family. If there is, then your account(s) will be immediately canceled.

Thank you for visiting the site.

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